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femfataleatron's Journal

In search of the Eildon Tree.
29 February 1968
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None of my poems are intended to be descriptive of, or about any person in particular, nor are they intended to be mean spirited or derogatory. I am simply putting my thoughts out in a direct unedited and often unconsidered fashion. If I happen to dedicate a poem to someone, it is not because I have necessarily written it about them; it is usually because I imagine that they will find it interesting, amusing or cool. If a poem is about someone in particular it will almost always be given in person, with some sort of barely coherent explanation. If you happen to be interested enough in one to have any questions, please ask. I will try to reply in a timely fashion. All criticism good or ill will be considered. I apologize for the inconvenience.
Dog R.L. Bard