In search of the Eildon Tree. (femfataleatron) wrote,
In search of the Eildon Tree.

A sonnet to...mollusks

Dismayed by comfort, Unrelieved by Joy,
yet knowing somehow pain, as well, is life,
Craving then, the things that will annoy,
Reduce, discord, corrupt, hold up to strife.
Self-kindness treated cheap, esteem seen small,
Hard armor formed, protecting but protection
From conscience and attacks, imagined all,
Presupposing failure and rejection.
Yes, Even these small insufficiencies
Of standard, coming ready-made from who-
Can-say? Enlarged to soothing mysteries,
Distracting from the need to need peruse.
Habit's Nacre, wrapped round pain, from pain
Created, scaled in beauty and mundane.

Tags: via ljapp

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