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Subject:To record
Time:08:10 am

Overhead press 185#
Back squat 335#
Deadlift 425#

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Subject:A sonnet to...mollusks
Time:03:51 pm

Dismayed by comfort, Unrelieved by Joy,
yet knowing somehow pain, as well, is life,
Craving then, the things that will annoy,
Reduce, discord, corrupt, hold up to strife.
Self-kindness treated cheap, esteem seen small,
Hard armor formed, protecting but protection
From conscience and attacks, imagined all,
Presupposing failure and rejection.
Yes, Even these small insufficiencies
Of standard, coming ready-made from who-
Can-say? Enlarged to soothing mysteries,
Distracting from the need to need peruse.
Habit's Nacre, wrapped round pain, from pain
Created, scaled in beauty and mundane.

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Time:04:30 pm
Eve'ning of the year. Ochers
creep over yards, avenues.
wildlife: forage further
turn internal 
shelter behind half lidded eyes
explore in.
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Time:12:09 pm
Bak to the gym, after what was essentially a 7 month layoff.
 The numbers were sad :(

One hand dumbell snatch, (te he) which is a great test of overall strength, 100 down fronm 150

Bench a strong 275, a weak 315...down from 375... suxx

Squat: I did not try for a 1RM. 495 for 3 was shakey but 405 was strong, effortless almost down from 595. I would love to break the 2xbodyweight barrier on this one, but heavy squatting kills you for the next 3 days... whinge

Deadlift: 585 for one. This is actually near where I was before. Down from 635.

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Time:02:12 pm

From the Dept. of Too Much Spare Time:
Eleven rules for Artists. 
A take down of Bill Gates... 
Wait, what's that? He didn't write this?
Fine, Charles J. Sykes, then.

Rule 1: Life is not fair..
By the time you've decided to become an  artist (or any other creative endeavor for that matter), you have not only heard this before, but people won't shut up about it. Don't worry, the're just jealous. (see no.2)

Rule 2: The world won't care about your self-esteem. 
Artists know that the world will only value what they make long after they are dead, even if they cut their ear off.  You will never really have any self-esteem.  You will however, have a thing called “EGO”.

Rule 3: You will NOT make $60,000 a year right out of high school.
You will not make 60K a year. Ever. 

Rule 4: If you think your teacher is tough, wait till you get a boss.
Have you ever tried making something new, innovative, unique, and a permanent contribution to human culture, that other people don't completely hate?  This is actually impossible.  It turns out that “tough” is relatively easy.

Rule 5: Flipping burgers is not beneath your dignity.
The trick for artists:  Actually get a job, any job, that is at least as good as flipping burgers, and in your spare time (that includes time spent getting wasted, having sex,  playing RPG's or watching bad cinema) actually produce some stuff. Or leave your sub-burger flipping job at some point, and actually produce some stuff.

Rule 6: If you mess up, it's not your parents' fault, so don't whine about your mistakes, learn from them.
        Your parents realized you were a lost cause pretty much from the beginning… Fault? They would have had to try, or you to have listened, to them to be be able to blame anyone for anything. Technically everything you do is a mess. So, work this angle.

Rule 7: Before you were born, your parents weren't as boring as they are now...
Yes, in fact they were just as boring as they are now. You are boring as well, however' you have a thing called “EGO”, this makes you interesting to yourself, and other weak, impressionable people. You're an artist, so that's all you really need.

Rule 8: Your school may have done away with winners and losers, but life HAS NOT. 
Actually, everyone at your school knew that you were a loser. So the 'doing away with' thing did not apply to you.

Rule 11: Be nice to nerds. Chances are you'll end up working for one.
Not only will you work for a nerd,  you will work for someone who is younger than you, and was promoted to assistant manager (of nights) ahead of you, despite your seven years seniority.
If you are lucky, or play role-playing games, (see no.5 ) you have some friends who are nerds,  but don't try to tell them about art, or art making, because their eyes will glaze over just like everyone else.

I left off rule 9 & 10 because they are dumb. 

There is a rule 12 tho. As an artist you can be at the absolute top of your field, a total expert, and people will still feel that their opinion about your work product is the only valuable one.  All that is required to become an expert on art is to have the misfortune to look at some.  Other creative fields suffer from the same problem,  like particle physics,  and automotive mechanics...  Art, however, seems to bring out the worst of this.

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Subject: hip movement/stability
Time:09:03 am

     Hey Lydia!  Think about trying  this exercise.  I think it might help with your Piriformis problem.  It emphasizes hip stability rather than hip mobility.  This occurred to me while I was dancing samba  last Friday night at Sherwood.   It got me thinking  about different kinds of hip movement, and the similarities between bellydancing and Cuban motion… anyway, think about it.

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Time:02:09 pm
It's important to realize that most of the things you have learned about reality are actually someone else's preconceived notions, and are probably wrong. Hopefully, if you embrace this notion furiously enough it will become wrong too.
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Time:07:51 am
So, it looks like the West wind, which has done wrong to so many, has done me wrong as well. My tent at the Oklahoma faire, was blown over last night.
Now I will have to drive down to fix it. As a consequence of this, I won't be able to get stock together for ConQuest.
Also bummer.
I wasn't expecting to of made a lot of money at conquest, but it would have been a sojourn into a new venue. While not a staggering blow, it is certainly an annoying one.
I hope my stock in Muskogee is not too destroyed.
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Subject:Personal Record! And perhaps a kind of fluke...
Time:11:47 am
I bench pressed 360 today! (Technically it was an incline press) My form was Good but the acceleration at the top was a might glacial. Still, I locked it out. After a few miniutes and a drink of water I did it again. I have not been in the gym as often as even the most dilettante rat would call regularly, and yet...
We'll see if I can do it next week.
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Subject:Atlantean Elf Bust (Wave motif)
Time:08:25 pm
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Time:08:22 pm
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Subject:Dryad (Foliate Head)
Time:08:20 pm
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Subject:New photos of the Atlantean Elf Bust
Time:08:12 pm

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Time:12:39 pm
Leg drive was good, great even .
Hip finish was weird and ineffectual.
Lockout was conspicuous through its absence.
545 was fine, no difficulty. weird.
Try again next week.
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Subject:Next episode in the saga of picking up heavy things and putting them back down again.
Time:09:18 am
Today I will attempt to deadlift 585. I'm pretty confident it will get done.
My overhead press (overheard press?) is not progressing. Mayhap it's because of lack of dedication? It is hovering at the 250 mark. It seems that my posterior chain moves can suffer way less attention and not atrophy. So I guess I'm gonna' add some volume at that weight and see what happens. I want to find a place I can rope climb... I think that the eccentric-less nature and static pulling is precisely what I need to convivce my shoulder girdle that it can lift more. I wish there were more old school gyms out there. You know , the kind with weird steam boxes and India clubs.
On that note I'm gonna slack off on my squatting for a bit and do some iso-lateral stuff,  like lunges and Bulgarian goat torture (split) squats. Maybe I'll look into doing pistols.
I suggested to chernobylred that she do a weird supplementary pushup workout. and I decided to try it myself as well so far I'm just doing 4 pushups 3 times a day. The plan is to slowly increase the volume in such a way that it is almost unnoticeable. So far I have noted no ill effects. High volumes of pushups tend to irritate my shoulder for some reason. Perhaps my shoulder was teased by a group of them as a small child?
I'm hoping I can do an end-run around my shoulder's trauma  in this way.
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Subject:V-Day poem!!
Time:05:32 pm
The heart: A fictitious, fractious organ
found only as a funerary offering
In the ancient graves of poets
And other madmen

If one reads between the lines

of Newton and Darwin and other romantics

and if by lines you mean

schemes and contemplative venting

marginalia of the most decorative kind


one finds references to the 
so called attraction between bodies

the need for so termed plumage

taken together 
these suggest that the heart might be
Divisible by the square of its distance

from other  anatomical sites
and its pressure
Measured in micro-Pascals
Inversely proportioned

in various portions

according to its
Association with the cock
Or cunt respectively
Far from its fictional roots (routes)

the heart has particularized, secularized 
observable qualities
To whit:
Mass (needed, or the need
for intractable attraction)

Weight (lighter being far superior
in the symbolic as well as relative sense)

Volume (to determine the mean free path)
Clarity, (However due to various invincible

uncertainty principles

this cannot be measured without
Killing the host)

In conclusion

ignore the heart

it’s too complicated
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Subject:!!!!Dragon Painting Party!!!!
Time:11:05 am
I'm thinking about having a Dragon Painting Party on Sunday night, or maybe Saturday... Any thoughts? There may be random prizes for people who show up!!!
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Time:10:56 am
Call of Cthulhu: I've run a couple of "tester" games and am now willing to throw them open to the public... But not until I get back from Sherwood Forrest Faire and taken care of some production tasks. Realistically we're looking at March. I'll post more info here.
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Time:05:33 pm
A correction to the earlier Cthulhu post:
The three stats that cost 3 points should be int, pow, and dex, sorry.

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Time:02:18 pm
Here is some more info on the steam punk Cthulhu game.
I'm thinking about playing on Saturday afternoons/evenings. If this works for you please comment, if it does not work for you please comment.
As for the system: Chaosium basic role-playing/Cthulhu rules will be used.
I'm thinking of making it a fairly low-power, gritty, dark and dreary game, with a bit of mad science/ steampunkery thrown in. The setting will be 1890s London.
If you are interested in, or capable of, coming up with a character before the game starts, please do. We will be using a point-buy system, with characteristics starting at 10, and 25 point buy. Education, Strength, Constitution, size all cost three. The rest cost one. Education is age+5 , with +1 for every increment of 10 years, with the base age of, say, 20. Skill points start at 250 or education x 10 whichever is higher. If all of this makes no sense to you then a quick start guide can be found at the following link.

I'm also considering a slightly brighter tone, with the game set in the 1840s, with approximately 1920s technology. This would be more of an alternate universe/history type of set up. The power level would be slightly greater, with the more pulpy/daredevil theme. Kind of a Last Exile meets Hellboy.  Have you ever played the old videogame Arcanum? This setting would bear no historical relationship to reality… Anyway, just a thought.
...And don't forget the mouse option.

Edit: the three stats that cost 3 points should be int, pow, and dex, sorry
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Subject: OK Bitches! Lets Game!!!!!
Time:07:46 pm
So, the desire for Call of Cthulhu seems to be the largest. Unless someone else steps up to GM (anyone..... crickets), I will be running a Gaslight version or some other vaguely Steampunk variety (with a mouse option). Start thinking of character concepts, and I'll throw a few out around here.
My initial feeling is that the investigators might all be part of a club of some sort (unrelated to mythos?) through which they become involved in some mysterious goings on. I think investigators of nearly any stripe can be accommodated: circus performers, Swamis, Veterans of the Zulu Wars, the local chemist, questionable academics, chimney sweeps, constables, criminals, vagabonds and stout tradesmen.  Be creative,  because you'll be going mad in short order.
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Time:01:38 pm
Weight? I've been eating like crap... also my scale is totally unreliable. it weighs like 15#s different from the one at the gym. some calibration must be done. Planning on getting back on the lean train today. probbably in the 315 range.
Workout? Good. Deadlift: lockout of 555 today. not a strong lockout tho, but it was passable. 600 by Jan1st? not likely, but by the 15th? Hell Yetis! Bench of 370 for 3, best I've done in a long time. 400 here I come. Behind the neck press: 250 for 3, tho the last one was a grind. Squat? We don't need no stinkin' squats!!!  My knees started feeling a bit weird around the 315 mark so I dropped this one and did bicep curls instead. I have this hunch that if I did more supplementary arm work that my shoulders would feel better, so I'm going for it.
The tentative plan here is to get the 3 lift total up to 1600ish then slowly start increasing the reps for a sort of a Dynamic Effort type of thing.
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Time:03:53 pm
Say, you were in a gaming group...
Said group has me as a member..
Oh, Wait! Some of you are in a gaming group with me.
Kay. So, well, even if you're not actually in a gaming group with me imagine as tho you were...
(If this is too traumatic then skip it...)
Say , for instance that you weren't playing often enough, (which if you aren't in a gaming group with me, that would be "at all".) for your own liking, and wanted to set up another situation with roughly the same people but that got together more often, or at least as often. (This might be achieved by not being so strict about all players being there for every session or some such...)
What sort of games would be interested in?
Call of Cthulhu: straight, modern, or steampunk?
Pirates: space, air, sand(?)? (ice?)
A land of savagery, super-science and sorcery?
Epic Fantasy ala Exalted?
Cthulhu mice?, Steampunk Mice!!!
And are you willing to GM?
or just list some of your gaming related interests or fantasies or politics or whatever.
or simply express your interest.
or ramble on a bit.
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Subject:Workey Workoutey ey
Time:01:49 pm
After Turkey day and traveling to Houston getting back in the gym was good.
weight still in the 307 range...
I'm getting the trick of stopping right when I sense performance degradation during a set.
This is a good trick to have. It leads to more energetic workouts.
Overhead press: Sets of 3 @ 140,155,170,185, 200, 215, 230 ( I could have gone higher, but i sensed som slowing down, so I stopped.)
alternating with
Face pulls: 7 sets of 6 @ some weight that was reasonably hard..?
Incline bench: Sets of 3 @ 180, 230, 250, 270
alternating with
Supported rows (shoulder movement only): 4 sets of 6 @ 330 i think
Decline bench: sets of 3 @ 270, 290 and one rep @ 310
alternating with
Overhead shrugs: 3 sets of 6 @ 60 (this could probably been 100 but dorks were in the way...)
Squats: sets of 3 @ 270,450,500
This was a good welcome back workout. I feel pretty energized.
I think this comes from really accelerating the weight and stopping before the grind.
I think I will drop doing max singles except for special occasions, because  sometimes they can ruin the rest of the workout.
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Time:04:37 pm
I saw a guy in the gym today holding dumbbells and punching. Please, if you are inclined to punch or even hold dumbbells, do not do this!!!
I can't over emphasize how bad this is. It actually de-trains your nervous system for punching. The forces on your arm while holding a dumbbell are nothing like the forces while punching. At all. Maybe if he were lying on his back... still not really there. Punching against resistance bands? Yes! punching under water? Yes! Rember that your body adapts to specific demands. Any movement that requires speed and precicion (punching staves, swords etc.) does not need the demand of extra weight. Use the weapon that you are actually going to use and tailor the demands of exercise to that actual weapon (or exercise requirement).
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Time:04:17 pm
Thursday workout:
Warmed up with lying leg curls 2x10 @140 boring.
Machine Dips 5x10 @ 330 only got 8 on the last set. This is the highest possible weight with this machine
so either I work on volume or get a dipping belt.
alternated with...
Bicep (preacher machine) curls 5x10 @80 maybe too easy. try 100 next time.
Hack squats  10@225 6@315 5@405 2@495 1@585 failed (next time i'll try 545) failing this lift is a bit traumatic:(
alternated with...
Lat pulls 5X10 @115 (slow volume progress is the key here, this weight should be much higher.)
Shrugs 2x8@240 (also working on volume here. the biggest dumbbells in the gym are 120s so...)
 I have never worked biceps before in my life, but i think I have an imbalance with my brachialis
which is causing shoulder stiffness and low lat-pull numbers. I'll be working the brachialis too,
and trying some finger extension exercises.
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Subject:LMFM saga.
Time:03:50 pm
Officially down to a 308.5 (.5? whatev.) average. This is not unexpected due to water weight and the like. I'm actually eating less than I should. I am only getting about 200g of Pro. per day. My fat intake is staying in the target range.
I have decided to go with two weight days a week and two conditioning days for the first three weeks..
Weight day went well. I added 5 pounds to each lift and it went smoothly. I even did some bicep curls!!! crazy.

I think I'll scan some sketchbook pages and paint on them tonight.
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Subject:Graydon Squared! Smartes rap youll ever hear. Word.
Time:04:42 pm

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Subject:I want a 700 pound deadlift NOW, Daddy!!!!!
Time:02:47 pm
Fitness Goals:
By Jan1 I want a 600# Dead-lift. 700 by next June 23.
I my current PR is 550. That was 3 months ago before the fair season hit. If I got more sleep during the season I could lift more, but as it is my recovery is impacted pretty hard by Dragon making.
I want a 34"waist (I'll actually settle for a 36..") My current weight is ~320 and waist measure is 42". My weight can vary about 6# in a 10 hour period so weight is a poor judge of short term progress, but a fine bellwether of general direction. I think I can get to 280 by jan1. For a waist of 34" I'm guessing I need to be about 255 or 260. That sort of weight drop is about 6 months away, so let's say June 23 as well. This is well within the realm of possibility. I'm shooting for around 12% BF (240 LBM + 28= 268) but I gain muscle easily so the math here is pretty fuzzy) I'm at ~25%bf now, so this may be a stretch. It will require that I gain muscle and lose fat at the same time. I have definitely done this before, but... 
The Current Plan!!!
Workout-wise: I'm going to start by doing weights  MWF and conditioning TTh. Weights will consist of Deadlift, squat, Press variation, Pull variation and whatever else I feel like doing or am capable of without leaving the gym on a stretcher. This means no sets to failure (except 1 repmax days), and all reps will be done with acceleration (no grinding out a final rep), and total workout under 45 min. Gas Still in the Tank™ they call it.
Conditioning will consist of 20# kettelbell snatches  in a 15:15 work:rest ratio, with a cadence of 8 reps per 15 second segment. (this is Kenneth Jay's MV02 protocol.) Starting with about 20 sets and working up to 80. I have experimented with this protocol before and to say it's effective is an understatement. However, because it really emphasizes eccentric load, I heed to make sure it works with my sculpting position. This may require some experimentation. I'm also going to try the daily 30 min walk, fasted in the morning, but I'm not gonna be to stringent about this because, I want it to be a second stage technique.

Diet-wize: I'm doing a loose LoCHO (low carbohydrate) diet. It will look something like this Protein +240g, Fat ~100g, CHO, >100g.
protein coming from Whey, ground beef,  nuts, cheese, Greek yogurt, chicken and turkey. Fat, I will get from, EV Coconut oil, olive oil, fish oil, and whipping cream, (maybe flax oil?) hopefully in equal proportions. CHO will come from incidental sources, an apple post workout, and the broccoli or broccoli related veg. As the diet progresses I am going to increase my  pre and post-workout CHO and reduce the fat until it morphs into RoCHO (rotating carbohydrate). Eventually I would like to work in IF and Bingeing™, but I feel that these are essentially hormone manipulation techniques, and will have limited impact until my BF% is lower (sub20%). I'm assuming a BMR of about 3000 to 3500KCal per day, which will leave me with a 500 Kcal deficit. This does not really factor in the conditioning exercise (cause I haven't done the math yet) so I will give myself a bit of leeway in terms of nut and cheese consumption.

Supplements: I really have a mixed bag of weird here, because I have been experimenting with nootropics, which don't really count. Essentially I am taking a multivitamin, and B6 and B12, and creatine. I'm going to avoid any OTC stims, 'cause of the potential complications, and the potential for saving them for the last push to 12%.

Today my workout was :
Squat 225 @1x10, 315 @1x8, 405@1x3, 495@1x1, 585 static pulse (very short range of motion)1 x20
Dead-lift (rack-pull) 225@1x10 315@1x5 405 @ 1x5  495@ 1x1 I did not really push this one as it was my first official day.
(I feel pretty good about these lifts cause they haven't droped that much since the layoff)
Bench press 135@1x10, 225@5x5
(the last set here was pretty fake 'cause I basically rest/paused it, we'll see if i can do it clean next time)
 Lat pulls 100@5x10
(this was much harder than it should have been...)
Shrugs 100@2x10
(i reached the 45min mark so I had to leave.)
 So there it is!!!
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Subject:H.P. Lovecrafts opinion... (thanks PZ)
Time:01:54 pm
As for the Republicans — how can one regard seriously a frightened, greedy, nostalgic huddle of tradesmen and lucky idlers who shut their eyes to history and science, steel their emotions against decent human sympathy, cling to sordid and provincial ideals exalting sheer acquisitiveness and condoning artificial hardship for the non-materially-shrewd, dwell smugly and sentimentally in a distorted dream-cosmos of outmoded phrases and principles and attitudes based on the bygone agricultural-handicraft world, and revel in (consciously or unconsciously) mendacious assumptions (such as the notion that real liberty is synonymous with the single detail of unrestricted economic license or that a rational planning of resource-distribution would contravene some vague and mystical 'American heritage'...) utterly contrary to fact and without the slightest foundation in human experience? Intellectually, the Republican idea deserves the tolerance and respect one gives to the dead.
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Subject:For all y'all with upregulated adenosine receptors..
Time:10:49 am
Caffeine article. It one of these things millions of people have been doing for generations, and yet somehow, it will kill you on the spot. Personally, I like the stuff. N-Acetyl L-Carnitine is good to...
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Time:08:09 pm
 Once Again the call goes out to the masses: whosoever is willing to enpaint or otherwise decorate dragons shall be plied with both feast and beverage, and made to be merry with much audiencing of some anime movies or the like!!!! after five or so at thomas' house...
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Time:07:40 am
Attention Dracophiles, etc. A sub-enermous Dragon Painting Charette, (event) in which the participants will enliven, embroider, embelish and otherwize dramitize (paint) the expectant physiognamies (bodies) of the Phyla Draco Minimus!!! will occur starting roughly at 5 o'clock on Friday... Refreshments will be served.
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Time:09:40 pm
Quick summation of some reading: MES (minimum essential strain) Is the amount of force required for bone adaption to exercise, that is to activate osteoblasts. It equals about one tenth of the amount necessary to break the bone in question and is closely linked to both strength and CNS adaptions to exercise.
I am coming to the conclusion that getting stronger is really what its all about. while certian endurance adaptions are slightly counter productive to this in general they are not, particularly Vo2max. The serious persuit maximal strength is how one gets the results that all of those other exercise programs are attempting to shortcut..
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Time:11:20 pm
Ek hou vankoud druk koffie, brotije.
Ek het gemaak sommige laas nag.  Dit was beter as...
Seks? ... Nee
Nie dat goeije.
Maargoeije geen die minder.
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Time:11:13 am

It is impossible to determine from its effects whether a system is simple or complex.

Effects are not always reducible to simple causes or systems. This is why it is not possible to reduce our brains to  the DNA coding. This is why it is not possible to backhack behavior to a belief, or set of beliefs.
Emergence is not dependant upon complexity, and may not even be related to it. Having the correct proportions of various elements does not allow you to build a being, anymore than it allows you to build a computer. Systems emerge from other systems, even if they are stochastic ones, but one cannot always reverse engineer this process.

In this sense, Life does have a designer, but there is no reason to believe that it is an intelligent one.

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Subject:just finished...
Time:12:57 pm
240 kettlebell snatches in 15 mins. (8 every 15 sec with 15 sec rest.) I ues a 10k kettle bell which is pretty light, but I want to really work the over-speed eccentrics. ( that is pulling the bell down faster than gravity would normally accelerate it.)
Goal: 640 snatches in 40 mins.
If I play my cards right I can get this by the beginning of faire.
My overhead press has suffered a bit because of this , but that may be a result of overall fatigue.
we'll see what happen by the end of faire, when I assume I will have adapted to this craziness.
Related goal: Turkish-get-up with 150 pounds. I'm not sure they make a kettlebell this big...

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Time:02:05 pm

You are an embodied experience engine. For some reason, not yet fully understood, you can experience you own ability to experience. Some claim that this is pretty valuable; others think it just gets in the way of actually doing stuff. The first group are deluding themselves, and the second are full of crap. The important part is the embodied bit. If you were not embodied the experience engine part wouldn't mean bollocks. The next important part is that there are other embodied creatures, and interacting with them is more fascinating and complex than your experience engine has room for. The environment in which you are embodied is also quite fascinating, some would argue, more so that the other experience engines.  It is not really certain how much agency embodied creatures have in their environment, but experimenting with the limits of this agency is yet another immeasurably complex situation.

Here we have four immeasurably complex situations:

 The space of our internal selves.

 The space of other selves.

 The space all these selves inhabit.

 The space of possible agency.

Given these immeasurable, but not infinite, possibility spaces, one has to wonder why anyone would ever be bored?

But questions inevitably arise about ones position amongst these dimensions…

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Subject:Have you ever wondered how you should really dress?
Time:04:26 pm
oh wow. Go here. This is according to "community standards" rather than some well selected Bronze Age texts, so it's pretty debatable. I am in constant fear that I might dress in such a way as to potentially offend, let alone arouse anyone, so this is perfect.
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Subject:I had always suspected this but finally the truth is revealed!
Time:10:46 am

Gay NAZIs are a part of our collective unconscious, and like Zombies, there is no escape to be had.
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